eLearning Transformation

eLearning Transformation

SDI has pioneered the art of creating eLearning courses that learners actually look forward to. We can take your existing Storyline, Captivate, and other courses and turn them into rich, effective learning experiences. Check out our gallery of examples and then contact us to get started. Your employees will thank you.

Did you know?

SDI can transform your existing eLearning courses into these in as little as a week.

Program Transformation

The days of delivering programs like this are over. Modern workshops and training programs need to be designed and delivered to leverage technology, and to offer a truly immersive approach to learning. SDI has perfected the fusion of digital, classroom, and on-the-job learning that is delivered on a digital platform to keep participants connected to content, their peers, and program and administrators and facilitators.

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Did you know?

SDI has reduced workshop and program delivery times, while accelerating the learning curve resulting in millions of dollars in training savings.

“SDI’s eLearning courses are better than the examples you see on the eLearning authoring tools own site”

“SDI converted several half-day workshops to virtual instructor led courses and saved us thousands of hours of training time and over $1 Million dollars in training costs in a single year”

“SDI transformed our leadership development program from the paper age to the digital age and helped our participants stay connected over a 12 week experience”

“SDI’s HR Compliance eLearning library gave us instant access to the content we needed and had an immediate impact on workplace claims”

“SDI reinvented how we onboarded our sales and customer service roles and we saw instant results”